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Create your own pastel haven

Create your own Pastel Haven!

Gorgeous soft pastel tones and beautiful textures are the key to creating your very own pastel haven at home! It has never been easier (or more affordable!) to infuse a little, or a lot, of the trend du jour into your décor than with these hand-picked pieces our in-house styling experts have chosen for you!

We love the big to small rule when styling a bedroom and believe if you’re creating a look, you should decide on the big, statement pieces first, and then complement it with your accessories. When creating a pastel look, you can choose to go all in with a gorgeous pastel quilt cover set, like our Greta Blush quilt cover set, or go neutral with a crisp white like the Floyd quilt cover set, and then add your pastel elements through sheets, cushions and flowers.

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Pastel quilt cover set
Pastel quilt cover set

Pastel sheets, like our Plain Dye sheet set, are an easy way to add to your pastel look. Choose a contrasting shade, such as a silver sheet with a pink quilt cover set or a pink or peach sheet with a white quilt cover set.

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Pastel sheets

Cushions are a really simple and quick way to transform the look of a room! Our Estelle cushions, have beautiful texture and finish and the array of pastel shades ensures there is a perfect one for any perfect pastel look! Just like with the sheets, contrast your cushions to the tone of your quilt cover set for a pastel look that pops!

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Pastel cushions

Don’t forget to dress the rest of the room! Our range of artificial flowers are incredibly life-like and are available in a wide array of flower types, from only $3ea, that perfectly complement your beautiful, airy, pastel décor!

Shop our pastel flower and stem range here >

Pastal flowers
Pastel flowers

We can’t wait to see how beautifully you style your home into your very own pastel haven after shopping our pastel looks and would love for you to share your finished images with us via our socials with #pillowtalkaustralia!

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