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Comfort is sunny beach days.

Get to know Grace, one of our friendly staff members from our Warners Bay store. Smiley, vivacious, and a self-described people person, it’s not hard to see why Grace has found her niche in customer service.

I love making connections. I know our customers. I know their stories,” she says proudly, regaling tale after tale of loyal locals who often pop back in-store with photos of their newly styled rooms, just because.

Basking in the eternal summer that is sunny Newcastle, Grace’s happy place is without a doubt, the beach. Coincidentally, as if a nod to her fiery red hair, Grace’s favourite place to soak up the sun is Redhead Beach – what are the odds?

Comfort is sunny beach days.

The beach is my place for serenity,” she explains. Surrounded by nature, she consciously takes a moment to centre herself, refocusing on what’s important.

When asked what comes to mind when she hears the word comfort, Grace immediately responds with: balance. “Comfort is about balance. If you’re balanced, you’re comfy.

Coming from someone as passionate about bedding as Grace, this answer might seem strange. But she understands that comfort is about so much more than the cosy items we sell.

Comfort is sunny beach days.

While a warm blanket or fluffy feather pillow might make you feel relaxed, true comfort is about feeling content not only physically, but also emotionally.

For Grace, comfort is about finding the balance between her work, home and social life. And there’s no better place to find that balance than by the beach.

The echo of the waves brushing the shoreline, soft sand beneath your feet, and warm sun on your cheeks – we’re starting to think she’s got the right idea.

Comfort is sunny beach days.

If you ask Grace, comfort is sunny beach days. So, what does comfort mean to you?

Whatever comfort means to you, you’ll find it at Pillow Talk.

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