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Comfort is fresh, bamboo sheets.

Introducing Jen, our textile designer. After 7 years at Pillow Talk, Jen knows a thing or two about good quality sheets. And when it comes to sheets, there’s just no surpassing bamboo cotton.

“I recommend our bamboo sheets to everyone I meet,” she assures me. “Every Pillow Talk employee swears by them.” After a long day spent in a bustling workplace, and then at home surrounded by crazy kids, for Jen, there’s no better feeling than climbing into bed.

Comfort is fresh, bamboo sheets.

It’s where I feel most at peace,” she explains, absentmindedly fiddling with the top sheet on her lap, the allure of the silky soft bamboo proving too strong.

As a devoted mum and passionate designer, bedtime is the only time she sets aside just for her; it’s a rare time of unimpeded relaxation. But creating her perfect sleep sanctuary consists of more than just sheets. Jen’s top tip? Don’t sleep on your display pillows! Keep a second set just for sleeping.

Comfort is fresh, bamboo sheets.

After nearly a decade with the company, Jen sees her colleagues more like an extended family. “I’ve been here for so long, I kind of feel like a part of the furniture,” she laughs. “Pillow Talk has been a part of all my big milestones – I’ve gotten married, bought a house, and had my kids, all while working here.”

Now in the process of transitioning into her exciting new role as a textile designer, Jen is more appreciative than ever of her journey. “I had to become a graphic designer to fully understand the technicalities of design. I’ve come full circle and I’m feeling so fulfilled,” she says with her signature smile.

Comfort is fresh, bamboo sheets.

For Jen, comfort is fresh, bamboo sheets. So, what does comfort mean to you?

Whatever comfort means to you, you’ll find it at Pillow Talk.

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