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Designed for kids, by mums, we have sought to bring you a collection of stunning quilt cover sets, cushions, rugs, lamps and more that is sure to be loved by little boys and girls (and their mums!). The collection has been carefully designed and curated by our team of in-house artists and is intended to grow with your child from their first bed until they hit double digits.

As Australia’s favourite bed linen specialists for 40 years, Pillow Talk is proud to present you with our new kids range and hope you, and your family, will love it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

No one knows better than mums.  With six kids between them, our in-house designers, Kylie and Tori, have combined their interior design expertise with their experiences as mums to create a collection that is not only beautiful, but also practical and excellent value for money.

The range features coordinating designs and colours, meaning it has never been easier to create a beautiful look in a bedroom with multiple beds. Many of the quilt cover sets are also reversible to ensure they get as much love and use as possible for years to come!

Throughout the entire design process, our team have been careful to ensure that the designs would not only seamlessly fit into the décor of your home and grow with your children, but that they would be kid appropriate. This has been reflected in the soft colour palette and simple designs, as well as the choice of fabrics and finishings on every piece, thus ensuring they are durable and
easy to care for.

Kylie O’Loughlin

Combining her interior design expertise, background in architecture, passion for interiors and life experiences as a mum to three young children, Kylie has relished the opportunity to join the Pillow Talk team as our children’s designer and buyer.
Kylie loves to draw inspiration from a vast array of sources; from her children’s imaginative drawings through to the catwalks of Europe, a pattern she sees on a coffee cup or things she remembers from her childhood. The biggest influence for this range however has been taking these broad ideas and fitting them into the context of the Australian family home.

Her kids’ favourite pieces from the collection? Her eldest boy loves Dinogarmi, while the youngest can’t wait to get the Toot Toot coverlet so he can use the roadmap reverse to drive his cars around on his bed.  Her daughter just loves the Mabel coverlet because it is girly but also a bit bold and fun.

Victoria Bishop

Bringing with her a wealth of design experience across swimwear, footwear, babywear and homewares, Victoria loves nothing more than the excitement of researching, collaborating and designing a brand new-range, especially something as fun as a homewares range for kids!

Having three young children of her own, Victoria was inspired by what she would ideally put in her own children’s bedrooms, while keeping in mind it would need to be simple enough to sit well with the mess and chaos of everyday life. Nostalgia and pieces that would engage and impress children were also huge factors in her designing process that have been expressed throughout the collection. Her favourite pieces are the Aloha quilt cover set and the Mabel coverlet – thanks to its fun, boho vintage look!

The fantasy of a fairy tale comes to life within the intricate detailing of our Fairy Tale Quilt Cover Set. This magical design can be purchased either on its own or in a box set which includes the story of Mr. Finkel the Fox and a colouring-in poster, which features the same print.

Our inspiration was to create a quilt cover that was so much more. This quilt cover is a story book, a place to explore creativity and of course a never-ending opportunity for imagination. Spend each bedtime creating new stories together, naming all the animals and fairies and letting your imagination run wild – we are sure that each time you look, you’ll see something you hadn’t seen before!

Our Fairy Tale Quilt Cover Set was passionately hand-drawn by our resident artist, Tori, and the accompanying story book of Mr. Finkel the Fox was written by co-owner and Managing Director of Pillow Talk, Heath Goddard!

Click on the image to have a closer look at the details of this magical quilt cover!

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